About Coal in New Zealand

Coal in New Zealand (www.coal.org.nz) provides information on the use of coal in Aotearoa. This includes the potential impact on the country if coal’s availability or affordability is compromised before viable alternatives are available and adopted.

The site is produced by Minerals West Coast – a mining industry group, based on the West Coast – that works to promote the region’s mining sector.

Minerals West Coast argues solutions and alternatives to current fuels and energy sources must be credible and practical.

Minerals West Coast accepts the need to reduce New Zealand’s emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, 2015.

If a person is serious about solving a problem, it’s helpful to acknowledge the complexity of the problem before seeking a solution. To reduce and eventually end the use of fossil fuels in New Zealand, replacements must be found if living standards and our way of life is to be maintained.

Solutions and alternatives to current fuels and energy sources (such as coal) must be credible, and not simply result in industries and communities currently reliant on coal (either through employment or its role in fuelling manufacturing and food processing, particularly in provincial New Zealand) losing jobs and income to have increased industry and emissions outside of New Zealand, where it is cheaper to pollute. New Zealand must take care to ensure a just transition is achieved for all New Zealanders.

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